Welcome to Elysium – Dayz SA – Opens soon

What is Elysium - DayZ Standalone Server?

Elysium is a european based private shard for the apocalyptic zombie game “DayZ Standalone” by Bohemia Interactive. DayZ Elysium opens soon.

It allows you to shape your own story in an interactive world and encourages you to communicate with the players you meet. We strive towards building a healthy community, without limiting your way to approach the game. The server will feature a whitelist which you have to apply to by registering on this site and an unique “prime time system” with a living world, shaped by your actings.

“Elysium is a ancient greek conception of the afterlife.
Initially separate from the realm of Hades,
admission was reserved for those
chosen by the gods,
the righteous,
and the heroic,
where they would remain after death,
to live a blessed and happy life.”

Background Story

“There were news full of strange happenings around the globe, news about riots and violence, news about a deadly plague – we didn´t know what to believe, we didn´t know the truth. One night we got woken up by sirens, soldiers picked us up and gathered us together – like animals. Some of us got seperated from their families, people were crying, begging. They brought us to a quarantine zone, well that´s what they said – but we are not sick or anything. Since four weeks we are here now – when can we finally go home?

Open slots on the whitelist: YES