How to join

Since we are aiming towards building a strong, healthy community, you will be asked to put a little effort in joining Elysium. When registering or reviewing your website profile (Your Account), you will see a paragraph named: “Whitelist application”. That is where you put all the info we ask you for.

When you’re finished with your application, click “Verify” in your profile view.

As soon as we announce the opening of Elysium, slots open for the whitelist. We will process your application “first come, first served”. If your application is incomplete, it will be put to the back of the line. We will leave comments in your Profile about what is missing. We promise you to review your application in a fair manner, but also reserve the right to reject applications without justification. You will be given notice if your application is accepted or rejected.

The application process is divided into three parts:

1. Background Story

  • Every player on Elysium has to write a decent background story. It is the story of the character you’ll be playing on Elysium (not necessarily your real, personal background).

  • We require a story with a minimum of 150 words. We recommend you count the number of words before posting your story, because when we find out your story is too short, your application goes to the back of the line.

  • Please use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and case sensitive. We won’t punish a few mistakes, but if we see you put no effort into this, your application won’t be processed.

  • Don’t copy-paste a story from someone else. If in doubt, we will google your story, find out that you stole it and ban you from the server.

  • Your story should cover a few basic thoughts:
    What were you doing before the apocalypse?
    Where did you live?
    How did you end up in Chenarus? Of course you could be a Chenarus native.
    What are you striving towards? What is your ultimate goal?
    The story  should also give a hint on your playstyle (KOS, Bandit, Neutral, Hero).

  • When posting your background story please allow us to publish it through this website. You can hide parts you don’t like to publish by putting them in brackets () so you have full control over your story.

Important: If you want to play certain special characters like ex-military or the like, your background story has to be of a certain length or quality.

Please read on:

5 Star Ranking System:
* (1 star) – low life, bum
** (2 stars)- civilian
*** (3 stars) – trained civilian (law enforcement, civil service like firemen, criminal)
**** (4 stars)- military (soldier, milita, gangster)
***** (5 stars)- superhero/villian

Requirements for the Ranks:
* – Any background story of 150 words (the minimum to get on the whitelist)
** – Good background story of 150 words
*** – High quality background story of 250 words
**** – Great background story of 500 words
***** – Fantastic background story of 1000 words

Players can play what they want, with the only limitation, that a level 1 – 2 (a civilian) is a character that has
• NOT robbed a bank
• NOT received special military training
• NOT lead a group of gangsters
• NOT been a trained ninja (available at level 5)

2. Questionnaire

We will ask you a few questions in the application process, please answer them honestly:

  • Character Name
    Easy as it sounds, we want to know the name of your character. We ask you to use a real name (but not necessarily your real name). Nicknames are earned and have to be given to a player by the admin team. Your name must be justified through your background story. Please note we don’t allow clan tags or any special characters in your name (see the rules section, rule number 5).

  • Ruleset questions
    The remainder of the questions are about your knowledge and acceptance of the rules, as well as a short written statement about you giving your word of honor to respect the rules of the server. When it comes to a conflict on the server, no one can say he or she didn’t know the rules.

  • Your GUID and your Steam ID
    At last, we need to know your steam and GU-ID. These number are your ingame identification, which we have to put on the whitelist to give you access to the server. Please google to find out how to get your Steam ID and GUID.

3. Age Verification

Last, but not least, we need to verify your age. Remember, we have an age restriction of 18+ on the server. When your application is accepted we will invite you to a short interview via our teamspeak (, which will only take a few minutes.