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    Hey guys I had a blast at the pub tonight! Hope you guys had fun with the truck, unfortunately it broke down while I was returning Bret to the pub (sorry Bret!).

    Hope to see you guys soon again!

    Here is a screenshot of the V3s near the pub (yes potato quality/duocore for the win!)
    Dayz V3s at; The Old Hunters Pub



    Yeah it was nice!
    Night at the pub



    It was nice meeting some of you guys. My first trip there was awesome! My second trip not so much(Sorry again Lex). Although I have to admit, at one point before I screwed up, I was getting cold chills.



    Thanks to all for meeting at the pub and enjoying some drinks with us!

    car arrived and everyone inspecting and talking about it

    Jack likes the car!

    As the inheritor of his grandfathers pub, Jack is proud of the all the Customers he was able to gather. …like in the old days….



    It was a funny night, thanks again to all Customers and of course the Bartenders, always nice to visit you guys.
    @deezul No Problem Mate, those little Mistakes can happen and you reacted nice in Teamspeak so don´t worry 😉 For the next time you know, if you disconnect in a Hostage Situation just wait about 5 Minutes and then you are free to “escape” this if the Guys does not get back on the Server. Anyway you also reacted very nice in the Hold Up and you Roleplayed nice. Hope to m(eat) you again sometime 😀
    Kind Regards,



    good stuff guys! so nice to see some friendly chat in the forums for a change 🙂

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