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    Heeyo guys,

    I have an idea about a weekly or biweekly event for the server.
    A. so that people get on the server (and get the snowball effect going).
    B. to create interaction between players. Be it friendly players being introduced to each other, or robbers trying to hold the place up and create a fun/exciting experience for all.
    C. to trade some stuff I don’t want or need for that one item that I just can’t find and you have in your backpack all this time. 😛

    I will try and get security (go to the “Note on the Old Hunters Pub’s door” topic please)

    What I like to know from you guys is:
    • Would you be interested in something like this? Would you character join, or not? (and why)
    • What would be a good location? I had the factory in mind between Polana and Orlovets as it is pretty easy to secure and is centrally located (between northeast and elektro/cherno)
    If you have other ideas or suggestions please let me no!
    (Maybe the bar could open up a temporarily franchise stand on the market?)

    Looking forward to your comments!



    My char and I are interested in joining some kind of outfit (other than the RL friends I’m playing with, or with them included if they want to). Why Bret would do that I won’t type here and would like to RP out with you in a meeting for organizing such a militia group. Around the pub is a good area, personally I like the nature/towns there and it’s close to Jefrey’s farm as well. I have other ideas that I won’t type OOC though so looking forward to meet up, preferably with some other volunteers.



    Pls create same/new topic here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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