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    *As you enter the Ye Olde Hunter’s Pub you come across a note on the bar counter – the writing is in a sloppy manner, but readable. It’s clearly directed to the bar owners. It says:*


    I went to Svetlo to find some food for you to serve at the pub, and when I went to put it in your storage bag behind the bar I found a note from a cannibal inside! It sounds like it was the man that me and twelve other men had a shootout with the other day, the one capturing, torturing and eating innocents! I thought we killed him in that old ship wreck, but he is alive! Be careful. Soon we must organize a man hunt to rid Chernarus form this monster!

    Yours truly, Bret Binkowski”

    *When you look at the other side of the counter, you see a bag containing some food for the bar and another note! The other note says:*

    “Dear friends.
    Did you think you can get away with that?
    Taking over my little “Slaughtership”, trying to kill me and my minions? From now on you should not get tired for always having to look over your shoulder! You will miss the good old days, the days you just had to watch out for the Undead. Because now, I know where I can find you, I know where you are hiding, I know where you feel safe and I promise you, we will meet again!

    The Butcher

    P.S I hope you will not be mad if I eat your Customers, yesterday I had one and he was soooo tasty!”

    Note from the cannibal

    ((Thank you Statsmakten for photoshopping the image))



    *Discussion about the note with Jefrey, Jack and the pub staff:*

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