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What you can expect from the Elysium server:

  • COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY: We require every player to have a working microphon and be willing and able to talk english using the ingame voice chat. There’s always a helpful hand or the can of beans you so desperatly need. You just have to talk to your fellow survivors. On the other hand, playing as a bandit, we would like to encourage you to roleplay your kills, murders, robbery, hostage situation. It’ll be more fun for both sides of the encounter. If you like that, this server is right for you.

  • AGE RESTRICTION: The server should support players of at least 18 years of age. No exceptions.

  • PRIVATE SHARD: The server will have a private hive and a database separated from the public hive. You will have a separate character on this server which you can’t bring into the public hive. This also means there will be no server hoppers and no people “ghosting” on this server.

  • CLOSED SERVER POPULATION: After the server reaches a number of players, the whitelist will be closed for new players. Up to a certain maximum, players can still invite friends to join them on the server. We will also have limited spots for every playstyle out there (Bandit, Hero, Neutral). That also means that your actions carry consequences. If you’re a known bandit roaming around Stary Sobor, people may not approach you in a friendly kind of way.

  • LIMITED RULESET: As much as we would like to have a fully free world, freedom can sometimes only appear given set boundaries. We will have a limited set of rules helping us to grow a strong and healthy community as well as to overcome some limitations of the engine. Bandits who KOS must wear a balaclava or clown or gas mask. That means we don’t enforce roleplaying, but we like to encourage it.

  • PRIME TIME: Every day at the time most players will be able to play (like from 8pm-12pm, depending on the server’s time zone) there will be four hours of PRIME TIME. At a late date, during this period, players supported by trained event actors will be online ingame, playing persistant roles. Those roles may include
    – special bandit characters
    – medics
    – special lone or groups of survivors with special needs (like Clementine from the TWD game)
    – small communities living at special locations like Devils Castle (remember the movie “Reign of Fire”?)
    – groups of surviving military
    – a setup for a big community with a governor like in TWD’s Woodbury
    – scientist looking for a cure for the infection
    and so many many more.

  • YOUR PERSONAL STORY: Elysium has it’s own background story, which you can read here (later). When you create your character, you are required to invent a background story for your character, too. We require a story with a minimum of 150 words, which should cover who you where, where you came from and what you did up to your appearance on Chenarus. It should also give a hint on your playstyle (KOS, Bandit, Neutral, Hero). Background stories will be published through this website.

  • BECOME-A-LEGEND: In the end your story will develop into a role you play on the server, the way you play the game will shape your role. Maybe you are an infamous bandit, maybe you are the nice guy, the medic, the lead of a small or a big group, a cities mayor. The role won’t be defined by any rules or restrictions, it is a reflection of your actions ingame. You will be able to publish your story through this website, along with screenshots of your finest endeavours. Be smart and you become an Elysium legend.

  • MAP OF TERRITORIES: Think of it as number of mapstands scattered across the map where some guy with a permanent marker inscribes the territories he encountered and others did the same. Instead this website will feature a map where your group will be able to claim territory: to scare off, invite or lure other survivors.

  • STILL A DAYZ EXPERIENCE: There will be no high level item handouts, no ingame-shop, there will be no shortcuts for players getting loot. It won’t be easy-mode. You’ll still sneak through cities for your can opener, you’ll still be killed at the beach for your axe. There’ll still be a massacre at Balota, there’ll still be bandits at NWAF. It will still be the DayZ experience. Plus a lot of fun random encounters, a lot of fine dialogue (with YOU), a lot of moral choices, many great adventures, persistant (but not immortal) actor-characters. Think of it as Skyrim meets DayZ but it’s all live and everything can happen. There are no NPC. Everything is possible. Encounters and events won’t be scripted, but a lot of thought will be put into what may happen and what will allow the story to progress.