Our Vision

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Our goal is to create one of the most atmospheric, exiting and entertaining DayZ servers.

If you like to play DayZ as if it is a realistic but fictional zombie apocalypse survival situation, this server is for you. We want to know your story and we would like to enable you to continue it the way you want it to be.

There is one thing we would like to encorage: A little more interest in approaching and communicating with the players you  encounter. We promise you: The DayZ experience will be even more exciting. That’s why we’d like to draw the attention of player who like a realistic encounter without getting shot everytime they meet someone. There will still be PVP, even KOS, since we don’t want to limit the players in their approach to the game.
We want to bring together an international mix of players and (play-)styles. People who know the community is the foundation of the server and you sometimes have to take a two steps back to bring the community one step ahead.

We envision this server to be fun for the hardcore players seeking a new and exciting way to play DayZ as well as players who only have a limited time available to play DayZ and wish their limited time to be especially rewarding. With only a limited set of rules, we are not enforcing a strict “roleplaying” policy, but we would like you to try it out.

In the future, given the proper (admin) tools, we would like to host great events and providing all players with interesting “random” encounters, performed by trained event actors from our team and the community.

Elysium was founded in March 2013 as a DayZ Origins RP server, it had a whitelist consisting of over 100 players. People had to write a decent background story to apply as well as give their word of honor not to hack, cheat or dupe in any way.